Friday, January 21, 2011

Payudara Montok Magdalena Sexy Actress Indonesian

“jam terbangnya” at industrial cauldron entertainment fatherland is said very minimum. Magdalena, 24 year, begin known public after appear various quiz presentation on television, especially moment Euro 2008. This chinese girl brings up quiz direct presentation with a prize this every dawn.Although bew comer, this pretty figure is more waves after pose for and enter sequence number 72 from 100 most beautiful womans at world, magazine version For Him Magazine (fhm) Indonesia. Girl appearance ever play at film Medley that be discussion at various illusion world forum.Magdalena 1 year then, when fathom opinion same return spreaded out that adult man special magazine, name the the youngest in the family from three bersaudara this poke to number position three, after Megan Fox's (1) and Keeley Hazell (2). “ tahun then i (number) 72. and now number 3, last year number 3 that is Luna Maya! so this make me sureprize! ” tanggap girl nameds calling Lena that.

Lena may with result fathom society opinion pass magazine that English origin. While, be presenter profession since the first time jump down at fatherland comfort industrial. Word Lena,get predikat section woman. “Maybe person again angered same Lena, new figure at world entertainment. because i also confused, reader kok can like with me? ” he said, with amazed tone.

Magdalena woman with lip and this beautiful eye is ever chosen as woman most section in indonesia version fhm after shifteds star sinetron and model Luna Maya.
Election submitted by adult magazine fhm august edition indonesia 2008. complete name owner lena soderberg this also ever headline several sitkom that is mengantaranya sitkom menayangkan at trans 7 have a title" full colour" . Lena precede the career as presenter this also admit that he very very gl with lip and the eye because assumed to be the body part most section. Magdalena during adolescent he is very glad take exercise especially basketball and modern dance, because he is during smp Lena ever enter the school basketball team probably because his habit is glad bero body since childhood this makes fresh visible self and hale, and certain permanent section.

. Host Starmild Crushbone @ Global TV
. Host Infotainment Lens @ Jak TV
. Host Chatmate @ O Channel
. Host Infotainment Ada Gosip @ SCTV
. Host Sport 7 Malam @ Trans 7
. Host Happy Show @ Global TV
. Host Kuis Harta Karun HUT Global TV Ke 6 @ Global TV
. Host Ultah Global TV ke 6 @ Global TV
. Host Duet @ Global TV
. Host Sprite' De Plong @ TPI
. Host Musik Tahun Baru 2009 "Bergadang Puol Sampe Pagi Bareng Bang Haji" @ TPI
. Host Indonesian Idol Hi 5 @ RCTI
. Host Kuis Euro 2008 @ RCTI
. Host Kuis AFF Suzuki Cup 2008 @ RCTI
. Host Konser Terakhir PeterPan "Sebuah Nama, Sebuah Cerita" @ RCTI
. Host Kuis Nonton Bareng RCTI 19 Jam @ RCTI
. Host Musik Special @ RCTI
. Host Musik Hits @ RCTI
. Host Tinju Chris John VS Hiroyuki Enoki @ RCTI
. Host LA Lights Freepass @ RCTI
. Host 3D Show @ Indosiar

SitKom :
. Klinik 24 Jam @ Global TV
. Full Color @ Trans 7
. Tawa Sutra XL @ AN TV

Film :
. Medley @ 2007
. Si Jago Merah @ 2008

Iklan :
. Starmild "Obsesi Selebriti"
. Pond's
. Sabun Pemutih Tje Fuk
. Sari Penyejuk ABC
. Esia
. Frozz
. Teb's
. McDonald's
. Roncar
. Ovale Facial Wash

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